Since the global pandemic – Covid-19 has started maintaining hand hygiene has become a part of our daily lives. Especially now as the lock down has completely lifted from UAE. Maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask is, sanitizing the places, and sanitizing our hands are equally important. Mainly when it comes to fighting the spread of coronavirus, hand washing/hand sanitizing is the most important thing one can do to keep themselves safe from this illness, it is important as while eating, or touching any part of the face from where the virus can enter inside our body and if they are not clean, or it has the virus on our hands then it can create a trouble for us. That’s why nowadays people have started using automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai. To maintain hand hygiene while when they are out in public.

To maintain hand hygiene around UAE, we have got 6 different types of touchless hand sanitizer which can help you, your employees, and your family safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic in UAE. Automatic hand sanitizers have 2 different ways to place it either Wall-mount or free-stand.

Listed down are 6 types of automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai

Type 1 – Wall-mount automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

This type of hand sanitizer is very low-cost, compared to another contactless hand sanitizer. Also very handy while refiling it. This kind of sanitizer is used inside the office or building. It is very easy to use and also very hygienic as we don’t have to touch any surface of the sanitizer while applying it on our hands. It can be worked with Battery or with the power socket. So if in case we want to place this near canteen area in the office and if the power socket is available then it can be used that way. If we want to place it at the entrance of the office then we can use it with the battery.

Type 2 – Wall-mount automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with acrylic display

This automatic hand sanitizer comes with an acrylic display stand on it, so if at all someone wants to put some message like ‘Please use hand sanitizer’ or else if someone wants to put their logo on it, then this dispenser is the perfect choice for them. So if at all we have placed this at some supermarket or any public place where maybe there is a chance that visitors might not see the sanitizer dispenser then with the help of the graphic content on the acrylic display we can increase the visibility among people.

Type 3 – Free-stand automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with metal stand

In this type, we can use a metal stand to keep the touchless hand sanitizer. This is placed at the entrance of the supermarket, buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, garden, etc. because most of the places do not have a proper area where they can place it on the wall, so they have to use this metal stand as it gives support to the sanitizer. It is quite costlier than the other 2 types. This sanitizer is also very easy to maintain and use when it comes to refilling the dispenser or moving it to one place to another.

Type 4 – Free-stand automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with acrylic stand

There are 2 advantages to this type of dispenser. Firstly the stand is made out of acrylic while it is more impact resistant, stronger, lighter in weighted, won’t shatter, and can be easily moved as it is very light weighed. Secondly, it also has an attached acrylic display stand, which allows us to put messages, our logo, etc… on it. This can be used at any public places such as schools, parks, bus stations, supermarkets, retail stores, etc… sometimes we may need the sanitizer in the middle of a room, hall or store, so this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with acrylic stand is the best option to choose, as it is very easy to move, and also it does not get break easily.

Type 5 – Wall-mount automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with screen

If you are looking for promoting good hygiene with good branding or you want to put some customized graphic content with it, then choosing Wall-mount automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with screen is a perfect option. It is a little costlier than the other dispensers but it is worth buying. It is very easy to stick on the wall, and easy to use the dispenser as well. And with the help of the sensor, we can maintain hand hygiene as well. It can be used at restaurants, hospitals, retail outlets, or food joints. With the help of the screen, they can either promote the key message such as – Please use hand sanitizer or the steps of how to use the dispenser with the help of attractive graphic representation. Or if they want to put some information about their company, such as some discount offers, or any other information. Also, the Front panel of this dispenser has a tempered glass which gives added protection to the screen.

Type 6 – Free-stand automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with screen

Even this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with screen has a free stand option available, to ease the issue of not be able to stick it on the wall at such places, or if we have to move the dispenser. Many offices, retail outlets, supermarkets, hospitals, etc… uses this with free-stand as it allows them to shift the dispenser once their office hours are completed. You can not only just put some graphic content on the screen but also you can customize your logo on the dispenser. And the size of the screen is around 22 Inches, which allows you to attract more visitors towards your store if you are using some marketing graphics content on the screen. Even on this dispenser, it is easy to do the refilling. As well as you can easily put the graphics on the screen by following some easy steps, shown by the seller.

These are the 6 types of automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai. With the help of these products, we can maintain our hand hygiene while going out in public and stop the spread of coronavirus in Dubai.