Acrylic Sneeze Guard UAE

Protect your employees & customers with our acrylic sneeze guard, which acts as a transparent barrier to implement social distancing, and stops any airborne particles that may prove to be infectious. This can be used at office desks, restaurants, hotels, cash counters, and point of sale counters. We deliver quickly all over the UAE.

TYPE 001

acrylic sneeze guard dubai

TYPE 002

acrylic sneeze guard dubai

TYPE 003

acrylic sneeze guard dubai

TYPE 004

acrylic sneeze guard dubai
Parameter Details
Size Can be customized to your desk
Availability All over UAE
Cleaning Regular disinfectant liquids
Body Material Durable Clear Acrylic
Installation Modular / With screws

Quick availability & easy installation

Many workplaces and supermarkets have started using acrylic sneeze guard in Dubai, as it is very easily available and easy to install. We are providing the acrylic sheet in various sizes, shapes, and configurations with fast and economical installation service all over the UAE.

acrylic sneeze guard dubai
acrylic sneeze guard dubai

Customizable for your desk

The acrylic sneeze guard can be customized by length and width of the acrylic or glass, and it is easy to add radius corners, holes, or polished. We follow a modular installation process, without the need to drill holes. In addition, you can also put your logo or stick any important documents as well on the acrylic sheet.

Lightweight and durable

If we compare acrylic sneeze guard with the glass sheet then it is 50% lighter in weight as compared to glass and ten times more impact-resistant. At the same time, it also gives better transparency. It is unbreakable which gives an advantage in terms of safety and security.

acrylic sneeze guard dubai
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Easy cleaning

To clean the acrylic sneeze guard in UAE is very easy as well. It does not require any particular chemical, we can clean it with either mild soap and water or plastic cleaner to remove dirt and bacteria. The maintenance of these sheets is very easy.

Applications & Industries

The acrylic sneeze guard in Dubai can be used in various industries – essentially anywhere near a desk or a counter where people meet and interact. It acts as a social distancing screen divider, protecting people on both sides of the screen.

Below, we have listed some applications for the acrylic protective shields:

  1. Office desk

To maintain social distancing inside the office, we are providing acrylic sneeze guard for the office desk. It really helps in protecting the staff while sitting on their desk. It is important to place this social distancing screen divider as this material is clear, can easily be wiped down, and mainly offers an effective barrier against transmission of any kind of bacteria or micro-droplets. It can also lead to providing a healthy environment around the office during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Cash counters

Businesses are trying to get through this challenging time. Everyone is doing whatever they can to stay open and protect their customers and their staff. Many places like banks, supermarkets and hospitals are also practicing social distancing inside their stores with the help of social distancing screen divider. The cash counter is the place where maximum people interact with the cashier that’s why it is important to have acrylic sneeze guard for counter.

  1. Point of sale

Point of sale counters like billing counter of cafes, retail stores and restaurants should also use the social distancing screen divider in Dubai. The acrylic sneeze guard for point of sale can be kept on the billing counter to maintain good hygiene and also to stop the bacterial spread. It can be the best solution to ensure protection against respiratory droplets caused by people while sneezing, talking, or coughing.

  1. Restaurants

Acrylic sneeze guard for restaurant prevents germs from passing from person to food or person to person. While customers are inside the restaurant and sitting on their tables this shied not only helps in stopping the spread of coronavirus but also helps to prevent cold and dangerous flu through sneezing or coughing. That’s the reason behind using plexiglass shields for restaurants as it can limit the spread of viral diseases and maintain a healthy and safe environment for the customers.

Nowadays protecting our staff and our customers from infection and disease should always be a high priority. Especially during this time of the pandemic, it’s really good to many businesses out there in UAE, taking hygiene more seriously. Acrylic sneeze guards offer valuable protection for many industries. It is virtually scratch resistant, unbreakable, easy to clean, easy to install and also quickly customizable.

We are a Dubai-based supplier of social distancing screens however, we also deliver to all the other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.