COVID-19 Safety Signs

Our COVID-19 safety signs and stands dedicated to COVID-19 are used in various industries such as retail, hospitality and F&B. The signs help to promote social distancing at important locations, along with informing your customers about precautions to take.

Essential For Crowd Control

Many restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores and schools are using COVID-19 safety signs in Dubai for spreading social distancing information in crowded areas, such as use hand sanitizer, wear masks, maintain a safe distance from each other, and convey other essential safety information for crowd control at public places.

Covid-19 Safety Signs
Covid-19 Safety Signs

Custom Designs & Sizes

You can either customize your own message on the safety signs or you can choose from our ready-made designs, which can help you save designing time. We can not only customize your message but also we can customize the size of the Social Distancing Safety Signs as per your requirements.

Quick Turnaround & Installation

We make sure the delivery of the COVID-19 safety signs is being done within two business days once the design gets confirmed. We also provide installation services and make the process hassle-free for you. We accept larger orders and also give some bulk discounts for them. Even for the quantity order, we give the option of customization.


Long Lasting & Weather Resistant

Our COVID-19 Safety Signs in UAE can hold out against all kinds of weather such as cold, rain, heat, and humidity amongst others. We use high-quality material while manufacturing which makes it durable and long-lasting for up to 5 years.


The COVID-19 safety signs come in various sizes, and can have multiple applications and uses in different industries – offices, retail stores, restaurants and factories to name a few.

Applying Social Distancing Safety Signs have become the need of the hour for any and every business today for spreading the awareness about the global pandemic coronavirus. Now as the cases get to slow down in UAE, businesses are also getting re-opened out of the lockdown initiated to stop the coronavirus outbreak, that’s why business owners are taking all the safety measures to enforce safety and health guidelines for their customers and employees. Many places like Supermarkets and commercial spaces in Dubai have started applying COVID-19 safety signs in Dubai, such as in supermarkets you can see there are safety signs which have a message “Practice Social Distancing – Keep 6ft Distance”. Such safety signs also help is spreading awareness as well as it helps in creating a healthy environment for customers & employees.

Here are some excellent advantages of installing the safety signs in your venue in Dubai or UAE:

Promoting health and hygiene

Maintaining social distancing is the new norm in which we all have started adapting, as it is mandatory & essential for stopping the spread of the Coronavirus disease. These COVID-19 safety signs help in communicating the message via such a graphical way to the people which is a great way to enforce this behavior without any confusion.

Better customer experience

Due to the spread of COVID-19, people are worried about not coming in contact with other people, and providing a healthy and safe environment for your customers and your employee is very important. Through the medium of Social Distancing Safety Signs, business owners can indicate their customers of how much distance to keep between any people, whether to use hand sanitizer, and a regular reminder to put on masks, etc.

We are a UAE-based company who provides COVID-19 safety signs in Dubai however, we also deliver to all the other emirates such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.