COVID-19 Safety Signs

Our COVID-19 safety signs and stands dedicated to COVID-19 are used in various industries such as retail, hospitality and F&B. The signs help to promote social distancing at important locations, along with informing your customers about precautions to take.

Essential For Crowd Control

Our COVID-19 safety signs in UAE are essential for informing your customers to maintain safe distance from each other, wear masks, use hand sanitizer and convey other essential safety information. These signs can be used at restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, schools and various other locations.

Covid-19 Safety Signs
Covid-19 Safety Signs

Custom Designs & Sizes

You can choose to give us your own custom design and sizes for the COVID-19 safety signs. Alternatively, you can choose from our vast collection of ready-made designs, saving you a lot of design time. There are various types of COVID-19 safety signs recommended to prevent Coronavirus from spreading – such as 6 feet distancing signs, use hand sanitizer safety signs, wear mask safety signs, and others.

Quick Turnaround & Installation

We deliver all the COVID-19 safety signs within two business days of confirmation of design. Additionally, we also provide installation services, making the whole process hassle-free for you. The order quantity can be customized, and larger orders come with additional discounts as well.


Long Lasting & Weather Resistant

Our COVID-19 safety signs are made to withstand all kinds of weather – heat, cold, rain and humidity amongst others. They are manufactured using quality material, and are long lasting and durable upto 5 years.


The COVID-19 safety signs come in various sizes, and can have multiple applications and uses in different industries – offices, retail stores, restaurants and factories to name a few.

COVID-19 safety signs have become the need of the hour for any and every business today. As the UAE slowly comes out of the lockdown initiated to stop the COVID19 and coronavirus outbreak, many businesses are required to enforce health and safety guidelines for their employees and customers alike. The largest supermarkets and commercial spaces in Dubai have already started implementing COVID-19 safety signs.

Here are some excellent advantages of installing the safety signs in your venue in Dubai or UAE:

Promoting health and hygiene

Keeping a safe distance between people has been recognised as an essential and mandatory practice to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease. COVID-19 safety signs are a great way to enforce this behaviour without any confusion.

Better customer experience

As all customers today are wary about not coming in contact with other people, your customers buying experience will be enhanced. Safety signs lend a feeling of safety to everyone around, as there is a clear indication of how much distance to maintain between any two people, whether to use hand sanitizer, and a constant reminder to wear masks.