Disinfection Tunnel in UAE

Our disinfection tunnel in Dubai is designed to sanitize an individual from head to toe within minimum time. It is very useful for many places in Dubai at the time of this COVID-19 pandemic such as corporate buildings, worship places, banks, malls and supermarkets.

Disinfection tunnel in Dubai
Parameter  Details
Liquids  PH7 Disinfectant spray
Liquid Capacity  10,000 ml
Operation  Fully automatic (Contact-less, touch-free)
Power  1000 W
Body Material  Aluminum Frame
Installation  Free-standing on floor and portable

Portable Design for easy mobility

For disinfection tunnel in Dubai, we use excellent materials of disinfectant chambers with various structures to withstand most types of environments. It is easily portable and movable from one place to another. The inside area of the tunnel has 4-6 misting nozzles which disinfect 100% of the human body.

Disinfection tunnel in Dubai
Disinfection tunnel in Dubai

Non-Alcoholic Disinfection

The disinfectants used inside the sanitizing chambers are non-alcoholic which is not harmful to the human body, as it is not toxic, and does not have any side effects. Another advantage of the disinfection tunnel in Dubai is that it is environment friendly – the non-alcoholic disinfectant is biodegradable which is good for the soil. Also, it is non-flammable, water-based, does not have any color or fragrance.

360 Degree All–Directional disinfection

The disinfection tunnel in Dubai is designed in a way that sprays the disinfectant from head to toe within 5-10 seconds. Inside this disinfection chamber there are 4 to 6 misting nozzles that cover all parts of the human body, and protects from any kind of virus and bacteria. The person who enters the chamber is expected to gently rotate in the central space with their elbows raised to get the best results.

Disinfection tunnel in Dubai
Disinfection tunnel in Dubai

Completely Automated

Once we step inside the Disinfection tunnel there is an automatic sensor that detects a person and automatically the disinfectant starts coming out of the misting nozzles. Also, there are two types of the automated disinfection tunnel in Dubai in terms of adding the disinfection inside the chamber. One where we have to mix the non-alcoholic disinfectant with water manually, and the second type is where we have to put the water and disinfectant separately and it mixes them both automatically.

Branding available

We can easily customize the outer layer of the Disinfection tunnel, as we can add the logo of your brand or any other message someone wants to put. Many disinfection tunnels in Dubai are being branded with the logo outside their commercial spaces.

Applications & Industries

Hospitals, retail stores, retaurants and others – the disinfection tunnel can find use in many different situations

As the COVID-19 pandemic has started everyone has started taking safety measures as well as adopting the new norm. Maintaining health and hygiene is essential for all the places where mass gatherings occur, and hence the sanitizing gate in Dubai is the need of the hour.

Many places in Dubai and across UAE have started using this sanitizing tunnel such as corporate buildings, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, worship places, hospitals, malls and bus stations. At such places, mass gatherings happen and people are working with close contact and they can be at higher risk. The sanitizing tunnel in Dubai provides 100% disinfection to a person who enters inside that too within 5-10 seconds. It is value for money, does not require a lot of maintenance, and is easy to operate and refill.

The disinfection gate in Dubai is equipped with motion sensors, which detects when a person walks into it, and sprays the person with a disinfectant mist. The non-alcoholic disinfectant and equipment used in the chamber are compliant with the mandated standards.

We are a supplier of disinfection tunnels in Dubai however, we also deliver to all the other emirates such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain.