LED screens or even LED billboards today have become extremely popular in Dubai. These today have become a top priority for most businesses who have been promoting their business and advertising it both indoors and outdoors. This is so because they offer great credibility, have a good visual appearance and most importantly offer versatility to the viewers & in appearance. These characteristics ensure that the ad campaign will yield more benefits. They also comprise of characteristics such as good brightness, less power consumption and lower maintenance. This is one reason why LED display screens have been used more popularly in Dubai over LCD screens.

Today the screens are being used as a modern way of communication tool. It is a great way to interact with your clients with the use of LED screens and billboards. They also are used for various other purposes besides marketing such as for spreading information and awareness in the society. To put it simply LED screens are used for multiple reasons and purposes. However when it comes to advertising indoors and outdoors there are different LED display screens that you need to use.

LED screens are generally categorized into indoor LED screen display and outdoor LED screen display. We have listed down how these two are different from each other.

The Appearance Factor

This is the most common difference that you can notice between indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens. Generally the bigger screens are used for outdoor applications owing to the huge size they have. These kind of screens are generally used on highways or stadiums and for other celebrations purposes. On the other hand indoor LED screens are generally used in places such as conference halls, restaurants, malls and retail outlets.

Brightness this is another distinguishing factor between indoor and outdoor LED screen Dubai.

Generally outdoor display screens have more brightness as compared to indoor LED screens. This is so because outdoor LED screens need to have more brightness so that people passing by can easily view the content. Also bright sunlight can also cause difficulty in reading the content. However in case of an indoor LED screen there is no such pressure when it comes to brightness as it does not affect its visibility.

The Display Resolution

Outdoor display screens are generally distant devices. For this reason they need to be easily visible from far away distances as compared to the indoor LED screens. Hence for this reason outdoor display screens have a lesser resolution. On the other hand in case of an indoor LED screen the resolution needs to be higher.

The Cost Factor

This is another prominent distinguishing factor between indoor and outdoor LED screens. Because of the size of the outdoor LED screens is much bigger the cost also is much higher. This means that indoor LED screens are comparatively less costly than outdoor LED screens.