Since the COVID-19 pandemic in Dubai, UAE has started many things that have changed since the initial days. Now as the days are passing many private sectors, malls, restaurants, parks, etc… have started opening in UAE with rules and regulations. People in Dubai have started taking safety measures like maintaining social distance while going out in public, wearing a mask, sanitizing/washing hands, etc… That way people in Dubai have adapted this new norm of social distancing as well as prioritizing health hygiene while stepping outside their house.

Since the coronavirus has started keeping the work place’s environment healthy is very important for the owner. That is why many private sectors, restaurants, malls, and many more places are using few Covid-19 products. Such as social distancing floor stickers, Automatic hand sanitizers, Acrylic sneeze guard, some safety signs, and many more. Such products really help inside a supermarket, offices. But when it comes to places such as factories, malls, banks, Private/public offices, schools, colleges, etc. where the staff/employee has to work in mass and they come in close contact with each other. To avoid that many places have started using the disinfection Tunnel in UAE.

The Covid19 pandemic has started we realize there are many common areas that we share. Many gathering places were even caught unaware and became points from where the coronavirus started spreading to mass. Even when the lockdown was there, there were many people who had to go out and work for that people still need to gather at staging areas for public safety and medical care related activities. And now as there is no lockdown and many industries have started opening, providing safety from coronavirus in the UAE is very crucial for the owners. That’s why they are using Disinfection Tunnel or sanitizing tunnel are used at such places where employees/staff have to come in contact, to create a safe environment at such places they use this product. So basically this disinfection Tunnel in Dubai provides 360-degree protection to their staff by spraying the disinfection from head to toe. That too within 5-1o seconds and protects our body from any kind of virus and bacteria.

How disinfection Tunnel in UAE Works?

There are two tanks, one which has the disinfection and another which has the water or in some cases if the sanitizing tunnel is completely automatic than it only has one tank and they have to add the disinfection inside as per the guidance of a manufacturer. That way the disinfection gets to mix with the water and then it connects with the misting nozzles which are inside the chamber and it sprays disinfection. As the person enters this sanitizing chamber there is a sensor that detects us. As we start walking inside there are 4 to 6 misting nozzles that spray the non-alcoholic disinfection to the body. These misting nozzles are placed in a way that helps in spraying the disinfection from head to toe. Also here while going inside the tunnel person has to gently rotate in the central space with their elbows raised to get the best results.

-> Advantages of disinfection Tunnel in Dubai, UAE

  • This sanitizing gate in Dubai not only gives protection to the human body but also we can disinfect the goods.
  • It is non-alcoholic disinfection which is non-flammable, water-based, does not have any color or fragrance.
  • Reduce the risk of Coronavirus, as it can disinfect us with 360-degree protection.
  • Eliminates viruses and bacteria on our bodies as well as our goods.
  • It is easy to move it from one place to another as it is portable.
  • It is completely automatic and sensor based so there is no need to touch anything while operating it.
  • The outer layer of the sanitizing tunnel can be branded with the company’s logo or any safety message.
  • The non-alcoholic disinfection is also, environment friendly it is biodegradable which is good for the soil.
  • Disinfection Tunnel is not harmful to the human body because it is not toxic, and does not have any side effects.
  • The procedure is very quick and easy, it takes 5 to 10 seconds to disinfect a person from head to toe inside the sanitizing chamber.
  • It does not make you wet as the disinfection comes in the form of fog.
  • Disinfection Tunnel can be assembled outside the office even if there is no shade, but the sanitizing tank has to keep in a cool and dry place.
  • There can be 6 to 12 misting nozzles inside the sanitizing gate in Dubai as per their sizes. Which gives 360 degrees protection of our body.

We can find such sanitizing tunnel in UAE in many public areas where the mass gathering is happening. Such as Government offices, banks, schools, colleges, hospitals, factories, hospitals, hotels, airports, railway stations, supermarkets, malls, worship places, police stations, and many more. As it is really beneficial for a person and also helps in creating a healthy and safe environment for the people who are working in close contact.

This sanitizing tunnel is designed is a way to support the global community to fight against Coronavirus as it really helps in disinfecting the virus or any type of bacteria. Just bypassing inside the sanitizing chamber. This is how disinfection Tunnel in Dubai provides a safe environment for all their belongings are disinfected and the risk of coronavirus minimized. It can be very helpful if we combined with the use of face masks.