Most of us are today are aware about the various advantages of using an LED video wall. However when purchasing an LED video wall there are certain factors that you must know about. This is so because there are different video walls available in the market and the costing me also vary considering these factors. Besides the cost, there are several other determining factors such as the pixel page, the quality of the video wall and various other features that you must consider depending upon your usage and requirements.

Below listed or some of the factors that you must know about that can affect your decision when purchasing a LED video wall.

The Pricing Of Video Wall

While it is true that video wall can be very impressive in terms of engaging your potential buyers and your staff you must know that these video walls are not a one size fit all product. This means that there are several aspects that can impact the cost of your video wall.

Some of them are:

  • The display size

The bigger display size you opt for the bigger will be your budget. Depending upon the size you choose your budget is most likely to increase as well.

  • Resolution of the video wall

The resolution of a video wall is generally identified by the pitch of pixels present in their display. This means that if the picture smaller the clearer the image. This means that the cost of the video wall can also vary depending upon the product.

  • Configuration

Configuration is also a crucial factor that can affect the costing of your video wall. Depending upon how complex your video title configuration is your calls can also increase according to it.

  • Indoor or outdoor

This is also a crucial factor that can affect the costing of your LED video wall. The location where you decide to place your video wall that is the weather indoors or outdoors can impact the cost of the product. Generally video walls that are placed outdoor or more rugged and sturdy and for this reason they can withstand any climatic changes. This is why outdoor video walls tend to be at a higher price as compared to indoor led screen.

You must also understand that a large screen generally means more material and larger budget. This means that the price of a video wall will not always be higher because of the size of the screen. However you can also find certain similar screens in size and resolution that can have different prices. Besides this the quality and the speed of components will also be responsible for a considerable amount of your budget. There are certain other aspects also that you need to consider such as installation, features and the different advantages that improve image performances or serviceability and energy efficiency. You also need to check for the warranty available for your LED video wall and check about the same with different dealers whether or not they offer the same. Besides this a screen configuration is also needed which will not only enhance the space but also at the same time re-present your brand and message.

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