Due to the spread of COVID-19 in UAE, the Government has implemented few measures on the emirates for maintaining social distancing after the lockdown has lifted. Dubai which is the Middle East’s business hub is joining cities in cautiously disconnecting limitations after it imposed one of the strictest lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus. That way the UAE Government has controlled the Outbreak, and still continuing this control by the strict measures at public places like supermarkets, workplaces, restaurants, etc… Because of that commercial activities are being partially re-established as business activities are now reopened still, they have put the ban on public and private gatherings. Also, they are planning to re-open the Dubai Mall with strict guidelines and protocols which include limiting the number of visitors to 30% of capacity and maintain social distancing in Dubai Mall as well.

Make sure to follow this step for maintaining social distancing in the UAE.

  • Do not come in close contact with someone, showing symptoms of respiratory illness.
  • Make sure to wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, as per WHO’s guideline.
  • Use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available, sanitizing our hands are very important.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissue paper.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone.
  • Do not travel far or mainly abroad except if it is an extreme necessity.

By following these measures we can try stopping the spread of the coronavirus in UAE at public places on an individual level. People have this misconception, that if they are wearing just their mask while going to public places without sanitizing their hands and without practicing social distancing in UAE they cannot come in contact with the virus. The fact is mask cannot give you complete prevention. People should wear their masks and also sanitize their hand and practice social distancing in public places.  Because sometimes if we wear a mask and we need to adjust it then we do it from our hand and that can also cause a problem because the spread of COVID-19 can also spread if we by chance touch our nose, ears, mouth, or ears. To reduce that risk many supermarkets, workplaces, restaurants have kept automatic hand sanitizer machine with screen at the entrance. As it helps their customers/employees to provide sensitization. And it also has two different variants which are – floor standing sanitizer machine and wall mounted sanitizer machine with screen, depending on your requirement. This automatic hand sanitizer machine with screen comes equipped with a bright 22″ digital screen. And it is very easy to use as if we can show images and videos in it which can be loaded onto the screen using USB, or remotely via Wi-Fi network. Also, the main advantage of this is we can upload all these wirelessly so that way we don’t have to touch the screen.

By providing proper hand hygiene we can reduce associated costs by 40 percent. And the best way to provide hand hygiene for coronavirus is by washing hands with soap and it can ensure hands are properly washed and also that way we can get rid of germs, it isn’t always a viable option. However, there is a simple solution for that as well that is hand sanitizer. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the best tool from which we can avoid getting sick and spreading germs. By placing wall mounted sanitizer machine with screen in strategic locations such as at the entrance of the building, supermarkets, or restaurants, we can encourage customers/employees to improve their hand hygiene and provide them a healthier environment with the help of these floor standing sanitizer machine. These Automatic Hand Sanitizer with Digital Screen UAE encourages visitors of any organization to use the automatic hand sanitizers which also shows instructive or promotional graphic content on the digital screen. With the No-touch Sanitization, we can make sure the customer’s hygienic. On the screen of this automatic hand sanitizers, we can either show some graphics which indicates how to use this sanitizer machine, we can display some health benefits of hand sanitizing, or advertise our brand as well. The best message to provide on this screen is 6 steps method which is approved by WHO on how to properly apply and use this hand sanitizer to make sure the person who is applying it is taking the correct amount of sanitizer while using it, and clean hands properly. Along with this advertising player with hand sanitizer, we can put few health and safety signs or COVID-19 warning signs on posters, leaflets, internal newsletters, and information boards near-automatic hand sanitizer with reminders to clean hands and offer easy, quick facts about hand hygiene.

This automatic hand sanitizer machine with screen can be used at public places like retail stores, schools, public sectors, shopping malls, commercial & residential buildings, hospitals, etc… In UAE. For example, earlier in many hospitals in UAE doorkeepers used to carry it or it was kept at the entrance of the hospital, so many people used to even touch the sanitizer or few of them didn’t even apply it. By putting this at the entrance with some informative graphic content on it, people will use it and because of the no-touch Sanitization, it feels even safe to apply it. That way now many restaurants, supermarkets, Workspaces, schools, hospitals, and residential buildings have started keeping this wall mounted sanitizer machine with screen in UAE to provide better health hygiene, and to control the spread of coronavirus in UAE.

The key feature of this advertising player with hand sanitizer is the hand detected sensor, which spots the hand movements and therefore dispenses the right amount of hand sanitizing liquid on the hand. This way we can get our hands sanitized without having to touch any button or surface of this floor standing sanitizer machine. This can be useful at any public place in the UAE such as residential buildings, here all the resident can keep their hands clean by watching the promo videos, and keep their environment healthy. As well as schools, colleges and universities can also use this Automatic Hand Sanitizer with Digital Screen for management reception areas, labs, staff rooms, waiting rooms, near classrooms, and more.

This way with the help of automatic hand sanitizer machine with screen, some social distancing, and taking some needed health benefit measures we can stop the spread of coronavirus in UAE. All these steps are equally important as it is s only beneficial if we regularly use them.