Now the positive cases of coronavirus in Dubai, UAE has started decreasing, due to which Government has also eased many restrictions. It looks like, UAE is back to normal life with some restrictions and safety measures to protect the emirates. Many public places like Shopping malls, gym, Salons, Cinemas, parks, the private sector of business, beaches, etc. have opened but with specific guidelines from the Government.

The best way to fight with the spread of illness is, washing our hands or sanitizing our hands. No doubt wearing masks, practicing social distancing, disinfecting the areas, etc… are also very important while going out in public. But simple hand hygiene is a significant factor in stopping the spread of coronavirus and also for staying healthy, as it kills germs and viruses. Many offices, supermarket, gym, salon are now buying contactless hand sanitizer dispenser and put it on their entrance, as whoever comes inside can sanitize their hands and come inside.

Listed down are some reasons behind keeping our hands sanitized with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai is important.

  1. Bacteria can get into our food, either while preparing it or while eating it.
  2. We can even transfer bacteria from unwashed/unsanitized hands if we touch any object, then it gets transferred to another person’s hands. It can be anything we touch throughout the day.
  3. If we touch our nose, eyes, and while eating, bacteria can get into the body via our hands. Sometimes we do not realize and we touch our faces frequently throughout the day. It’s estimated that a person touches their face up to 23 times per hour. That’s why applying sanitizer is always a good option.

That’s why washing your hands with soap or sanitizing your hands with the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with the right frequency and techniques can reduce your chances of passing germs to others and getting ill.

Many offices are now opting for a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai. There are many reasons behind placing such automatic hand sanitizer dispenser outside the entrance, we have listed down few.

  • While using these products we do not have to press any button or any surface. With the help of the sensor, it detects our hand and the sanitizer comes out.
  • It comes in 2 variants, which are
  1. Wall-mount automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
  2. Free-stand automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
  • It is very easy to use as well. If we have access to the power socket then we can plug it to it. Or if it is not available then it can be used with Battery.
  • It is very easy to refill and maintain.
  • We can also customize the sanitizer with the company’s logo in it.
  • When it comes to a free-stand contactless sanitizer, it is very easy to move from one place to another.

Many private companies, supermarkets, Malls, hospitals, medicals, etc… has started putting these touchless hand sanitizer dispenser on their entrance or inside areas such as cafeteria, washrooms, near the desks, etc… Because if we are out at some public places, it is difficult to wash our hands with soap, that’s why using hand sanitizer at public places or at the offices is more important for keeping us and others healthy and safe.

Also, there are a few points we should keep in mind while placing or applying the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

  • Take enough product on your hands to cover the entire surface and rub it properly on both the hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Don’t apply hand sanitizerif your hands are greasy.
  • Don’t wash your hands till the time’s sanitizer is dry.
  • Place it near the entrance, as it is very easily accessible for everyone who comes inside.


This is how contactless hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai helps in creating a healthy and safe environment at public places as well as gives awareness through regular sanitization to people. Many companies have started adopting this new norm of hand hygiene and trying to make healthy environment for their employee/staff.