Since the Covid-19 pandemic has started traveling for passengers has become more contactless. To make smart contactless journeys for passengers traveling airport facilities is providing interactive touch screen kiosks. With the help of such a Digital Kiosk, passengers can now do self-check-in as well as bag drop from this kiosk at Dubai International. They have built such a Kiosk since September 2021, which is completely contactless and can be operated from a mobile phone as well.

Touch screen kiosks in Dubai are placed indoor and outdoor areas for branding purposes or to provide your customer base with a user experience that can fulfill their needs. We can get these interactive touch screen kiosks any various sizes as per our requirements and area of placing the kiosk. It is very easy to use and update. We can either create a still image or use it to promote it for our product or services, or we can use software to customize it for our needs such as for placing orders, wayfinding, printing passbooks, ordering products, updating menu, etc… such digital kiosks provides a versatile platform for your branding as well as easy accessibility for your customers. Now that Interactive kiosk’s popularity has increased due to providing excellent service for branding, portable approach towards our business for giving user-friendly interaction with our product and services.

We can find this Digital kiosk in Dubai on Airports for doing check-in for the flight, to finalize immigration formalities, for entering the Lounge, etc. Mainly for having contactless traveling at the airport. Other than that we can also find such kiosks at many places like, in banks for printing passbooks, in restaurants or fast food places for displaying their menu or to place an order, in malls, it is there as wayfinding digital signage or outside the shops for branding and promoting discount offers, Also we can find self-service kiosks at theaters for either displaying new movies posters, placing a food order, getting tickets, etc… Even at exhibitions we can find such digital kiosks for branding purposes and to attract more visitors through various interactive activities.

The purpose of installing such a kiosk at the airport is to make contactless travel during the pandemic, to reduce long queues, quick access for boarding, customer safety, and many more. Travelers can operate such kiosks with their mobile devices or even laptops. These kiosks are very user-friendly and easy to use. Other than this there are various safety majors which airport facilities have started taking after the Covid-19 is using the facility of facial biometric technology to breeze through airport, placing Social Distancing Safety Signs, contactless hand sanitizer, Social Distancing Floor Stickers, acrylic sneeze guard, and many more Covid-19 products to make safe travel for all the passengers as well as the ground staff.

This way with the help of smart technologies like interactive touch screen kiosks and other Covid-19 products airport facilities are providing safety majors to the passengers post Covid-19 pandemic in Dubai.