Due to the increase in the new Covid-19 cases the UAE’s authorities have upgraded some of the protocols and rules for all the commercial and social activities around UAE to make sure community health and safety. This rule includes a maximum capacity of approx. 20-50 people at a time for social gatherings, cinemas, restaurants, etc… To reduce the spread among the UAE they have also urged residents to always make sure to follow basic COVID-19 precautions like washing hands, sanitizing hands, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing.

Also to stop the spread of coronavirus in Dubai we should make sure to follow protocol by the UAE authorities as well make sure to follow social distancing in public. There are few products that can in providing social distancing and person-to-person contact at public places. Those Covid19 products are as follows.

  1. COVID-19 Safety Signs

Applying Social Distancing Safety Signs is very helpful in public places. These COVID-19 safety signs have messages printed with some creative graphic design that can communicate the message to the people which is a great way to impose this behavior without any confusion. These COVID-19 safety signs in Dubai are used at malls, hospitals, workplaces, supermarkets, and many more. It is used to promote health and hygiene and a better customer experience.

  1. Social Distancing Floor Stickers UAE

It is mainly used for informing your customers to maintain a safe distance from each other. And it is used at places like at booking counters of cinema, metro ticket counter, supermarket, or a fast-food restaurant cash-counter. Social Distancing Floor Stickers UAE are pasted near such counters where we see queues and it helps in maintaining social distancing as it guides where a person has to stand.

  1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser UAE

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in Dubai is used at places like hospitals, malls, schools, gyms, retail stores, banks, and restaurants. It sanitizes our hands without touching any button or surface of the sanitizer. These sanitizers are found in two forms Floor-stand sanitizer dispense and Wall-mount sanitizer dispense. Contactless hand sanitizer in Dubai is 100 % touch-free, customizable, and maintains health hygiene. It is used either with a battery or we can plug it into the power socket.

  1. Acrylic Sneeze Guard UAE

It is also known as a social distancing screen divider in Dubai. We can use these sneeze guards at the workplace, restaurants, cash counters, and point of sale.  Acrylic sneeze guard in Dubai is very easy to install and also it is very light weighted compared to the glass sneeze guard.  We can even customize these sneeze guards in any size, shape, and configuration with fast and economical installation service.

  1. Disinfection Tunnel in UAE

Maintaining health and hygiene is essential at public places like malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, factories, corporate buildings, and many more … where mass gatherings occur, and that’s where we can use the sanitizing gate in Dubai. The main advantage of this disinfection tunnel, that it provides 100% sanitization to a person who enters the gate. We can also customize it in size as we want. Also due to Non-Alcoholic Disinfection is which is been used in this disinfection tunnel in Dubai we can also sanitize well in this tunnel. Just like automatic hand sanitizer even a disinfection tunnel is 100% contactless. It can sanitize a person who walks from inside 360 degrees with the placements of misting nozzles inside.

These are the Covid-19 products that can be supportive at public places to suppress the spread of coronavirus in Dubai.