Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in UAE, we have started adapting a few new changes while stepping outside in public.  Such as wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, sanitizing our hands, wash our hands frequently for 20 seconds, avoiding touching our faces, etc. These days increasing our immunity power, maintaining health hygiene is our priority to maintain a healthy environment around us. As all the business has opened, they are also more concerned about providing a healthy environment to their customers as well as their staff/employees.

It is a business owner’s responsibility to provide a healthy environment for their employees & customers. For that, they have started using products like acrylic sneeze guard, social distancing floor stickers, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, COVID-19 safety signs pamphlets, etc. Using all these products at the workplace is a necessity of this hour. Especially applying acrylic sneeze guard as a barrier between customers and employees can create ease in communication. Now the restriction of movement in the UAE is eased by the Government, so that’s why to protect the surrounding of the business commercial entities have increased precautionary measures at their facilities to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Basically coronavirus spreads from person to person via micro droplets in the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Which we can reduce it by washing our hands regularly with soap, using alcohol – based sanitizer while going out in public, and the avoidance of touching eyes, nose, and mouth. So here to avoid this in public places we can also use acrylic sneeze guard in Dubai as an effective solution to avoid the risk of catching Coronavirus. This Social distancing screen dividers in Dubai are installed in most public places or workplaces such as Office desk, Cash counters, Point of sale, Restaurants, Banks, Pharmacies, as well as now few of the Taxi drivers have also started applying such sneeze guards between the driver seat and passenger seat. Installation of these new acrylic barriers is also helping in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. These sneeze guard acts as a transparent barrier to implement social distancing and stops any airborne particles that may prove to be infectious.

There are few benefits of applying acrylic sneeze guard in Dubai, which are as follow.

Easy availability

Social distancing screen dividers made out of acrylic sheets are very easily available in Dubai, UAE. Also if we want to make it in a particular shape or to cut it, then the procedure for it also does not take a long time. It is easier to fabricate than a glass sheet.

Light in weight

If we compare acrylic sneeze guard with the glass sheet then it is 50% lighter in weight and ten times more impact-resistant. We can easily shift it or even move it from one place to another. Also, the fixing of the acrylic sheet is not lengthy.


It is easily customizable in various sizes depending upon the area where we want to put it. Not just the sizing we can also add radius corners, holes, or polished as it helps for better communication as well as for the product/cash exchange.

Long – lasting

Basically the acrylic sheet is stronger than glass, it is not easily breakable. It is somewhat like a higher version of plastic, but it looks like glass material, which is an additional advantage in terms of safety and security. That’s why it is durable and unbreakable.

High – quality visibility

The visibility from this acrylic sheet is better than a glass sheet. We can easily see another person who is standing on the different side of the acrylic sneeze guard and if it has a hall then also it is easy to communicate and exchange things from one side to another in a very safe way. And also, if we wipe the sneeze guard properly, then it can help us with better clarity and give a long service life.

Easy to maintain

We can easily clean these acrylic sheets with the help of soft cloth and mild soap-water or plastic cleaner to remove dirt and bacteria. The maintenance of these sheets is very easy. We should not clean it with the use of generic cleaning products, it can damage the material.

These are the various reason due to which people are opting for acrylic sneeze guard in UAE. As it really helps a lot in practicing social distancing and it provides protection and safety when face-to-face contact is inevitable. These days demand social distancing screen dividers in UAE has increased, as companies want to protect employees from a deadly virus that is transmitted through droplets from an infected person, which puts at risk those whose jobs don’t allow them to keep the recommended six-foot distance between each other.

Let’s take an example, suppose as If we have taken an Uber so here it is difficult for us to maintain social distancing with our driver, so if the driver has applied such acrylic sneeze guard inside the card as a barrier then it can really help in protecting their customers as well as for themselves. Same way if we go out in restaurants then many restaurants have started applying these sneeze guards on the table to protect their customers and staff as well from transmitting any type of bacteria or virus. That’s why Many offices, cafes, supermarkets, nail salons are also using such for social distancing screen dividers in UAE, to prevent their employees/customers as well as their staff from transmitting bacteria which communicating with each other. Not just this even it is also used as a barrier at the gyms in UAE as it is required to install such sneeze guard between each piece of equipment especially between treadmills as part of a proactive body of guidelines to promote a safe and healthy environment for everyone who comes to the gym.

If you have not yet applied this sneeze guard at your workplace then do apply it and create a healthy and safe environment for your staff as well as for your customers/employees and protect them. As the primary reason for such precautions is to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection in UAE, it also serves to comfort everyone.