While it is a fact that marketing techniques are now focused more towards digital advertising or social media which can generate great brand awareness and leads, one needs to understand that there are certain offline marketing techniques that till date, hold equal importance and value. One such marketing technique is the outdoor signage. This type of marketing technique holds a lot of importance for those who run a local business or have adopted a brick and mortar model. This tool can help to lure customers like no other and holds great importance in the marketing industry till date. Just like a website that gives a virtual tour of your business and attracts customers, outdoor signage too attracts potential buyers and increases walk-ins to your store.

Here are some of the reasons why outdoor signage is just as important as a website. Read below to know more:

It is target specific

While digital marketing too can be target specific and can focus on a particular location, people or audiences usually get lost in the pool of information and hence there can be a possibility of very little or no brand recall, unless a huge amount is spent on ads repetitively to generate leads. On the other hand, outdoor signage is a one-time investment. You can place the signage at a particular for a long period of time and thus daily commuters will come directly in contact with your signage. This improves the brand recall and awareness. It generates curiosity in the minds of potential audience and can generate good word of mouth publicity for your business. Outdoor signage thus, can be highly effective.

Best describes your business

Outdoor signs or outdoor signage tells the potential audience where you are based at and what you offer. Studies have suggested that outdoor signage can in fact increase 75% of lead generation. Once you choose the right size, design and location for your advertisement, outdoor signage can increase the lead generation process and can in fact give you more leads than that of a website. Choose an outdoor signage that best describes your business. You can also opt for outdoor digital signage to attract customers and increase engagement rate.

Better response on offers

While you can also utilize your digital space to promote and publish the on-going offers on your online or offline store, the response you can generate by an outdoor sign will surely be higher. Outdoor LED screen in Dubai can also be used for this purpose. Offers, discounts displayed on huge outdoor signs create a huge impact on audiences and can be highly effective in generating leads.

These were some of the many reasons that prove why an outdoor sign is just as important as a website. Whether you own a B2C model or a B2B model, outdoor signage will always be effective. Check out some of the best digital signage company in Dubai for the best signage services.