As UAE has partially lifted the lockdown, now supermarkets, malls, pharmacies, and also food and drug delivery services have started with few restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak in UAE. Since this coronavirus pandemic in UAE has started sometimes it feels like we live in what seems to be a temporary, alternate universe, where our daily routines have been uprooted and replaced with new unfamiliar habits. Nevertheless, in such a situation, all we can focus on is how we can control the spread of COVID-19 in UAE? We can fight this situation by maintaining social distancing while we step outside our house.

These are the few steps that we can as an individual level to maintain social distancing in the UAE.

  • Avoid going out in crowded place for buying non-essential products
  • Avoid doing handshakes
  • Wear a face mask while stepping out.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds as per the WHO’s guideline.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • While going out for buying essential Keep at least 2 arms lengths i.e. approximately 2 meters distance from others.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in UAE now the entire country is practicing social distancing. For that, it’s important for the shop owners to provide proper care, services, and supplies by keeping their customers safe and healthy during this coronavirus time in UAE. For them, it’s quite difficult to always make sure that everyone is practicing social distancing. That’s why many retailers and medical care centers have started using social distancing floor stickers in Dubai to ensure customers, employees, and patients to maintain a safe distance from each other.

These days COVID-19 floor stickers in UAE helps a lot in maintaining social distancing. Especially for businesses that are regarded as essential, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals. As they have to protect their customers/patients. By applying social distancing floor stickers in Dubai’s retail stores and hospitals can easily convey their message to their customers that, it’s crucial to keep at least 6-feet distance from other people. COVID-19 Floor Stickers helps in practicing social distancing not only to the customers but also to the employees who are working at the store. One of the best things about this sticker is, it’s very easy to apply it and also to remove it. So, if at all the pandemic doesn’t last for a long time, stickers can quickly be removed when the time is right, or maybe if they want to replace the stickers with the different ones.

Following are the benefits of Social Distancing Floor Stickers in Dubai

Customer Awareness: During this coronavirus pandemic in Dubai, spreading correct and useful information is very important, mainly when it comes to spreading the information out in public. We can place these COVID-19 floor stickers in UAE all over the store to ensure that customers are aware of what action is required to take from their side.

Customer Distancing: These social distancing floor stickers in Dubai helps customers in maintaining social distance while waiting in the line, buying stuff, paying bills at the counters, etc. A person who is infected is present there and if that person is being contacted with others who are standing in the queue can spread the infection. That’s why these Social Distancing Floor Stickers are very useful.

Relieve Anxiety: As everyone is already on observant and observing if anyone around is showing symptoms or not, also they make sure they don’t touch anywhere more than they absolutely must. social distancing floor stickers in Dubai which indicates the customer how to maintain social distancing alleviate one anxiety by showing them the correct separation distance, and also by manifesting social responsibility that is easily seen and understood.

A Temporary & Permanent Solution: We all don’t know if this pandemic can last in UAE will be long-lasting or not. COVID-19 floor stickers in UAE are an excellent temporary solution for the current situation as it helps in maintaining social distancing. These stickers are easy to apply and easy to use, once the coronavirus pandemic is over it can be removed or if you want to stick them for a longer period of time then it can last longer.

Essential for Crowd Control

COVID19 social distancing floor stickers in Dubai are essential at the time of this outbreak, as it helps in guiding the crowed for maintaining safe distancing from each other. This line could be for supermarkets, general stores, medical shops, fast-food restaurant cash-counter, or a retail outlet shopping section. These floor stickers help in controlling the crowd.

Custom Designs & Sizes

Social distancing floor stickers in Dubai are available with some common design with some common size. As per the requirement, you can choose the stickers. If we want to show the direction of the line then we can choose the designed once which has an arrow in it or it has writer 6feet distance. But if you want to print the stickers for an elevator then going for a custom design is also a good idea, as per the size of the elevator we can divide the stickers and maintain social distancing with the floor stickers in our recreant elevator or in the hospital’s elevator.

Long-Lasting & Weather Resistant

These COVID-19 floor stickers in UAE are made to stand up to all kinds of weather such as heat, humidity, rain, and cold amongst others. These are made out of quality vinyl material and it is long-lasting up to 2 years. Also, it is not slippery as it is made out of anti-slip protection coating.


These social distancing floor stickers can be used either inside your store at the checkout point, to maintain the queue at the counter, other high traffic areas, or to create a line outside your store to regulate foot traffic. Or maybe outside the store to guide customers. It’s a great way to protect your customers during their entire visit to your store. These COVID-19 floor stickers in UAE will help you to promote social distancing so that we can remember how a small change on our part can make a big positive impact on the health and safety of our community. These floor stickers’ gets easily stick anywhere such as Marble, wooden, or on the carpet.

Many of the largest supermarkets, hospitals, and commercial spaces in Dubai have already started implementing COVID-19 floor stickers in UAE, so let’s not wait for the more time, avail these social distancing floor stickers in Dubai today and help the customers to maintain social distancing at the essentials stores. Also to help in the residential or commercial area by putting these social distancing floor stickers in the elevators.