A few years ago, LED screens were hardly used for any events or outdoor activities. These kinds of screens were generally only seen in big stadiums or places where live events took place. However with new technologies being introduced every day, today SMD LED screens have become one of the most popular means of advertising and promoting your business. In fact most businesses in Dubai today depend upon the use of LED video walls in order to enhance their presence in the market. These screens were first introduced in the year 1962. However back then the technology wasn’t as sophisticated as it is today in the current scenario. Today you can find video walls and LED screens almost everywhere and digital signage is one of the greatest examples to prove so.

We have today listed down all details that explain you everything that you need to know about LED screens.

They Are Efficient And Power Saving

One of the most important reasons why LED display screens and today use on a wide basis everywhere is because they are efficient and power saving. They comprise of areas of pixels which are combined together that help in displaying attractive images. In fact the solutions are also used in TVs and video walls.

Determining The Image Clarity

Did you know that pixel pitch is said to be one of the most important features of LED panel. It describes everything between the distances measured to the center of an image pixel. This also helps you understand about the resolution of the image. LED screens are known to provide the best quality of image clarity in any event that you participate. This is one of the major reason why they are popularly used even in exhibitions and trade shows.

It Can Light Up Your Entire Event

One of the most important things that you need to consider every time you install any screen is the kind of brightness that it offers. This is extremely important because light plays a very crucial role when you are using a video wall in participating in an exhibition. LED walls provide you the best quality in terms of screen brightness. It means that you can highlight everything about your company even when the area that you are present is do not offer you good light. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen depending upon the amount of light you receive even in broad daylight.

It Is Durable And Resistant

LED screens comprise of IP ratings which are useful in detecting and determining different types of harmful external conditions that can take place every time you use your device. This means that every part of LED equipment is water and dust resistant. For this reason they can also be used for outdoor displays as there is no risk of being damaged due to the external factors. For the best Led screen company in Oman, click here.

Higher Refresh Rate

LED screens comprise of a very good refresh rate. The minimum refresh rate is 400 Hz. This makes it possible to easily capture beautiful images on your screen without hampering the quality of the display.