Let us ask you one question. Think about the first thing that comes to your mind every time you watch an outdoor ad. We are sure you might be wondering all thinking about a popular brand that you have seen many times through outdoor advertising. This is the impact of Outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising in Dubai is today is probably one of the best ways to ensure that your brand Stays at the top of your customers mind. It is probably one of the best ways to increase brand recall and to increase your popularity across different location. Outdoor advertising is also a great tool of marketing especially when you wish to target different demographics and locations. It is today one of the most popular means of advertising because people today spend more time away from home and hence outdoor advertising today has the potential to reach out to the masses. When we talk about the different advantages of outdoor advertising let us tell you that the benefits are actually endless.

Speaking of outdoor advertising one of the latest trends and popular and increasing ways of advertising through outdoor media is by using LED balls instead of static billboards. Outdoor LED wall is today have a much more potential to reach out to a larger group of audience as compared to that of a static or traditional Billboard. We have listed down some of the greatest advantages of using an LED wall for outdoor ad campaign. Read below to know more:

They Attract Customers

While billboards can also help in attracting potential customers you cannot deny the fact that LED balls have much greater potential when it comes to attracting your prospect customers. The lively and vibrant features of an LED wall make sure that customers do not miss out on what is being played on the screen.

They Are An Interactive Way Of Advertising

When you place an advertisement were starting billboard that it comes a lot of limitations. Lack of interactivity is a major drawback. This drawback can be eliminated when you place an LED video wall for your outdoor ad campaign. And LED wall has the potential to interact with your target audiences and keep them engaged for a longer period of time as compared to that of a static Billboard.


A brand will always have a lot more liberty when it chooses LED screen to promote their business outdoors. You can make changes to your LED screen any time you want to and from anywhere. This means that you can also have the liberty to change content depending upon your preferences. You can play Different advertisements on the same LED wall.